Great interview guys. Enjoy your break Chris, they (the kids) really do grow up fast. A good move given the markets current outlook, but as per usual, setting up a period of exciting return potential when the narrative turns.

On Chris Stott: One last call -

From one analyst to another... Map M3 money growth vs. combined house growth over all capital cities. Something I did many moons ago. Would make a great update to this piece.

On Credit Availability IS Australia’s House Prices -

How is BAL progressing with it's CFDA registration? This seems to be the greatest risk to the business (not getting it), and it feels like the process has been abnormally drawn-out?

On Bellamy’s becoming a more attractive asset -

Peter Murch, also managed by Chris Joyes Outfit. Its a good product for what you say below, being able to buy a basket of Hybrids and the liquidity of having a market maker on both sides provides ample scope to exit at reasonable prices should you wish. Not so easy when buying individual securities in this space. Its a great product (HBRD).

On Hybrids vs Equities: How Does Risk vs Return Trade-Off Stack-Up? -