Tim Boreham


Editor of New Criterion
Independent Investment Research

Many readers will remember Boreham as author of the Criterion column in The Australian newspaper, for well over a decade. He also has more than three decades’ experience of business reporting across three major publications.


The New Criterion: the real stock tapping the infant formula boom

Tim Boreham

Clover Corp has been a big winner from the China-led boom in infant formula, but by supplying a key ingredient rather than the end product. Meanwhile, other dairy suppliers have refused to follow the herd and are diversifying into goat’s milk. Show More

China small caps ASX:AHF ASX:CLV ASX:WHA ASX:BUB infant formula

The New Criterion: an intriguing tale of two tech stock valuations

Tim Boreham

As a developer of a concrete additive to make the building material tougher and lighter, the US-focused Eden should be benefiting from the Trump-inspired infrastructure spending push. But does its listed associate present better value? Show More

ASX:EDE ASX:TAS small caps tech stcoks

The New Criterion: a fresh approach to the Witwatersrand gold rush

Tim Boreham

Gold miner West Wits has turned its focus from the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya to South Africa’s famed Witwatersrand region. Meanwhile, the revived Kingrose Mining is out to prove that ASX listed miners can do business in Indonesia. Show More

gold small caps ASX:KRM asx:wwi

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The New Criterion: listed education stocks learn their lesson

Tim Boreham

The survivors in the listed vocational education sector are licking their wounds from recent controversies and nourishing young minds. The government is loosening its funding purse strings, too Show More

australian small caps rdh:asx akg:asx ict:asx ucw:asx nvt:asx iel:asx

The New Criterion: how to tap Tasmania's economic boom

Tim Boreham

The previous basket case Tasmania is in the midst of an unlikely economic boom. Here’s a (two) heads-up on how to gain an ASX exposure Show More

small caps MYS:ASX AWY:ASX

The New Criterion: blockchain's likely ASX winners and losers

Tim Boreham

According to someone more boned up on the topic than your columnist, self-executing digital contracts have been around since at least 1994 - when Paul Keating still ruled the land with his colourful invective. Show More

Biotech stocks: the animal spirits are back

Tim Boreham

The head of one mid-sized ASX biotech play recently told an industry forum that after a quiet 2017 for global takeover activity in the pharmaceutical sector, Trump’s tax cuts would fire up activity this year. Show More

biotech small caps ASX:VLA ASX:1AD

The New Criterion: two alternative exposures to the commodities recovery

Tim Boreham

There are more ways to gain exposure to commodities than buying the miners themselves. Here are two alternatives Show More

small caps ASX:K2F ASX:ZEN

The New Criterion: two gambling exposures worth a punt

Tim Boreham

Lottery ticket reseller Jumbo took the right decision to align itself with traditional partner Tatts Group rather than aggressive challenger Lottoland. Meanwhile, digital promotions house OtherLevels believes that a clamp on wagering advertising will be good for business Show More

small caps ASX:JIN ASX:OLV

The New Criterion: how to make a dime out of nickel

Tim Boreham

Some argue that nickel is a more important component in electric vehicle batteries than lithium or graphite. Whatever the case, nickel stocks have found their groove although they remain vulnerable to renewed market volatility Show More

small caps nickel ASX:IGO ASX:MCR ASX:PAN ASX:WSA

The New Criterion: deathcare in focus

Tim Boreham

The two ASX listed funeral operators face 'grave' concerns if the UK industry trends are replicated here. In the meantime, consolidation of the $1.1 billion local sector continues apace Show More

small caps ASX:IVC ASX: PFP

The New Criterion: from bitcoin to blockchain

Tim Boreham

Just as the bitcoin emerged from the cyber haze in 2017, 2018 is emerging as the year of blockchain, the underlying technology supporting cryptocurrencies. Is blockchain another form of crypto craziness, or a more respectable iteration of bitcoin and its many cousins? Show More

The New Criterion: driving to a different beat

Tim Boreham

Backed by car maker Ford, chat show host Larry King, a white rapper and a Bollywood songstress, Hear Me Out offers a ‘hands-free’ alternative to Facebook and Twitter. But not all automotive-related ‘internet of things’ plays have enjoyed smooth driving conditions Show More

small caps internet of things ASX:CXZ ASX:HMO

The New Criterion: tackling the asthma prevention market is no wheeze

Tim Boreham

The global asthma market is huge, but developing asthma prevention and management devices has hardly been a wheeze for the listed Adherium and Respiri. It doesn’t help when some patients adopt a novel approach to usage … Show More


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The New Criterion: hitching a ride on the taxi recovery theme

Tim Boreham

An ASX newcomer is offering an exposure to both the taxi and ride share sectors at a time when listed stalwart Cabcharge is fighting back. Which stock represents the ‘farest’ value? Show More

small caps ASX:CAB uber ASX:P2P

The New Criterion: the flipside to the lithium rush

Tim Boreham

While investors continue to enthuse about lithium, two mine developers are eyeing two little-known elements that commonly occur in mineralisation with the battery metal. Show More

small caps asx:pio caesium borates

The New Criterion: the shareholders are revolting

Tim Boreham

Dissident shareholders are making life difficult for the boards of oil and gas developer turned cash box Molopo and payments house BPS Technology. But does this friction create latent value for patient investors? Show More

small caps ASX:MPO ASX:BPS

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The New Criterion: Leaf Resources and Bio-gene Technology

Tim Boreham

The common thread with Leaf and the soon to be listed Bio-gene is not just a greener approach to chemical processes. They also boast former long-serving Nufarm chief Doug Rathbone on their boards. Show More

small caps biotechnology ASX:LER

The New Criterion: a new geological take on the Pilbara gold rush

Tim Boreham

Investors may disagree but Impact Minerals chief Mike Jones reckons the gold nuggets being extracted from the Pilbara ground are not what they are cracked up to be. Meanwhile, the flood of new entrants to the sector has blown out to a Melbourne Cup sized field. Show More

The New Criterion: MGM Wireless and HUB24

Tim Boreham

Adelaide based minnow MGM Wireless holds high hopes for its self-developed smart watch that targets the 4-12 year old set (or, more accurately, their safety conscious parents). In the multi-billion dollar investment platform space, HUB24 is taking advantage of the banks’ wealth management strategies being in disarray. Show More

small caps ASX:HUB ASX:MWR