Building a portfolio for today’s market

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After what has been a very long run of strong market returns, it is only natural that investors’ attention starts to move toward when that run might end, and as each day passes, we move closer to the end of the cycle. This kind of sentiment understandably makes investors somewhat... Show More

The challenges of investing later cycle

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Global markets continue to successfully navigate a maturing economic cycle, underpinned by strong fundamentals of synchronised growth, still benign inflation and solid earnings momentum. This is despite a steady stream of geo-political flashpoints—from rising threats of an escalating US-China trade war to rising political uncertainty across Europe. Show More

How hard is it to time the market?

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In the years since the Global Financial Crisis, the world economy has experienced a significant period of expansion, driven in part by a wave of stimulus from major central banks. As this stimulus is gradually removed and we reach record territory for the length of the economic expansion, at least... Show More

Investing in an AI future

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We recently invited a group of Australia’s leading venture capital (VC) investors to provide their views on various technology themes and how they are likely to impact the world in which we live. Our panel included Daniel Petre AO, Co-Founder and Partner from AirTree Ventures, Niki Scevak, Managing Director and... Show More

When will rates rise in Australia?

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Rates are rising in the US, but it is less clear when Australia will follow suit. At our recent Investment Forum, we hosted six of Australia’s top investment strategists to discuss when the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) might hike, and to ask several other key questions, including where they... Show More

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Key takeaways from the brightest minds in the business

Crestone Wealth Management

Some of the brightest economic and investment minds in the business debated the big macro-economic issues at our latest Crestone Investment Forum. Read on for insights from Jacob Mitchell, Brett Gillespie, Vimal Gor, Dr Phillipp Hofflin, Robert Mead, Dr Michael McCorry, and Stephen Halmarick. Some of the key takeaways are... Show More

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