Geoff Wood

2018 has been a fascinating year so far with many different cross-currents running through markets. We have seen central banks hiking, just as Governments look to expand fiscally. At the same time, the big economic powerhouses go head-to-head on trade. Where does this all lead us? Below we walk through... Show More

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@PeterBrown, thanks. I am not familiar with a free data source that shows the yield spread directly however there are various places you can download both the 30 year and 5 year yields individually. You could then calculate the difference between the two data series in excel. Here is an example source. 30year: 5 year: Close prices are fine. I hope that helps. regards, Geoff

On A roadmap for Australian investors in the global market -

@sachinsaraf. It certainly could if it escalates further. Our current playbook is the S&P 500 is in a range 2550-2850 which we expect to be broken to the upside over the next 12 months. In the short term we see it difficult for a political solution to be found given this is about more than trade but IP protection so the market can continue to be volatile and trade towards the bottom of its trading band.

On A roadmap for Australian investors in the global market -