Paul Moore

I'm PM Capital’s founder, CIO, first investor in our Global Companies Fund and its portfolio manager since its inception in 1998. Across all of our funds we invest independently, with integrity and in the best interests of of our co-investors.


It's just as important to consider what to leave, as what to buy.

Paul Moore

PM Capital has held beer stocks for over a decade and has just sold out of its last brewing investment. However, brewer Molson Coors has never appeared in the portfolio. Chief Investment Officer Paul Moore explains why. Show More

Molson Coors active manag

Valuations look very reasonable

Paul Moore

While many investors would argue valuations are extreme, we see them as being very reasonable. In this video and transcript, we identify three areas trading on ten times or less, and make the case that real long-term alpha opportunities are increasing. Show More

Conventional asset allocation - will it meet your expectations after the inflection in interest rates?

Paul Moore

In the video below, taken from the recent PM Capital Adviser Forum, Chief Investment Officer Paul Moore discusses why equities still stack up versus other asset classes, particularly government bonds. He also comments on modern asset allocation and why advisers and their clients need to think differently. Show More

fixed income asset allocation pm capital global equities

Livewire Summer School: Australian investors finally favouring global equities

Paul Moore

The underperformance of the Australian share market versus global equities over the past few years has assisted to break the back of the idea that you must invest domestically to get the best returns. But it’s only another reason why Australians are preferring to put their money into geography-agnostic vehicles.... Show More

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