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Why should investors in smaller companies expect a higher return? What are the risks involved? And what are the opportunities? In this four part series, we set out the historic strong performance of smaller companies, describe the fundamental drivers of their above-market returns and the risks involved. We explain the... Show More


Growth stocks like Afterpay, Appen and Nearmap that are making waves offshore have been dominating the leader board. Meanwhile, domestic cyclicals have been struggling as deteriorating economic conditions weigh them down. How are investors supposed to invest in this dichotomy, in which growth stocks with overseas success look ever more... Show More

Aberdeen Standard Investments

Paypal founder Peter Thiel predicted in his 2014 Wall Street Journal essay ‘Competition is for losers’ that Silicon Valley would become the centre of the global economy. He claimed that by operating under a set of rules that involve little competition or regulation, his own company, along with the likes... Show More

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