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Just a few days ago, Alibaba Group, the Chinese on-line retailer, came within 1% of being the world’s most valuable retailer – with a market capitalisation of U$473b, its value was just US$4b lower than that of Amazon. Alibaba has been on a tear this year – it is up... Show More

Alex Pollak

The Name of the Rose is Umberto Eco’s masterpiece whodunit set in a 14th century monastery (bags of sex and grisly violence with some serious semiotics thrown in). The last line of the book, which is a reference to the title, has been translated from the Italian as "Yesterday's rose... Show More

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Whether etf or active, the better option is to choose the product which provides the higher risk adjusted performance, net of fees.

On The trouble with index investing -

David. Thanks, but that is not the issue. The question is at what weight? The index isn't forward looking, and this is the problem - there is no set-and-forget for value capture, as my colleague Anshu Sharma explained here on Livewire:

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David: Maybe. But Google revenue was up over 20% in the most recent quarter. How should we price this? And what other companies are growing like this? If I could find them, we would buy them...

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Actually, Graeme, its a great question. The Reserve Bank will continue to be the lender of last resort, i am sure, but this is question of how profitable the banks should be, not how secure - which is why the political climate is important. As well, regulators having been stepping away from heavy handed controls in recent years, for example of Visa and Mastercard, on the basis that they were not systemically all that important in terms of total overall banking system. I would expect a similar reaction to any new payment providers too.

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William - Tesla sees what a comparable car sells for, and sells accordingly - under the umbrella price, as it were. At scale, given fewer parts, it can always be more competitive than a comparable older technology ICE car Of course, any start-up, which is what Tesla is, has to overcome the high fixed costs involved, and Tesla is no different. But the company's rising share price means its easy to attract new investors (so hardly desperate, given Tencent etc) Ted - quite right Henry, $25b+ in sales is hardly Kool-Aid

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