Alison George

Alison leads Regnan's advocacy program across environmental, social and corporate governance priorities and is central to delivery of Regnan’s engagement program. She provides oversight to Regnan's research and engagement activities in corporate...


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Could this factor be the best predictor of whether a company will survive or thrive in the post Amazon world?

Alison George

The launch of in Australia continues to occupy the attention of investors, and for good reason. Valuations for multiple stocks will continue to be adjusted as the market works through the longer term implications from entry of the online retailing behemoth. Show More

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Will electric vehicles ‘save’ energy network companies from the death spiral?

Alison George

Don’t let some of the commentary from the Energy Markets 2016 conference fool you; the ‘death spiral’ remains a key risk to energy network companies. With the cost of solar with battery storage rapidly decreasing, opting out of the grid has never been more attractive. Show More

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