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Stock prices have been moved more by macro events than by individual outlooks in the current business cycle, but that’s all starting to change, says Andrew Martin, Portfolio Manager at Alphinity Investment Management. As bond prices recently begun to fall, there was divergence among many of the ‘bond-proxies’. One beneficiary of... Show More


Technological, environmental, and political changes could result in the commodities sector changing significantly in the coming decades. Following our recent discussion of the major commodities and mega-cap miners, we asked our contributors to look into the future and tell us about the commodities that will matter most. Rare earth processing: it’s... Show More

Alphinity Investment Management

Our Principal and Portfolio Manager, Bruce Smith, recently made a trip to the UK and USA to look for insights into likely future developments for the Australian-listed globally-focused property companies. There were two in which we presently have positions (Goodman Group and Lendlease) and one we don’t presently own but... Show More

Alphinity Investment Management

In September, I conducted four days of energy-related meetings in Dallas and Houston. The goal was to review current industry conditions and the production outlook for 2017. I met with majors (BP, Shell, BHP), large US shale producers (Range, Anadarko, EOG, Apache), services companies (CBI, Schlumberger, Halliburton), US LNG producers/projects... Show More

Alphinity Investment Management

The August FY16 reporting season as usual provided winners and losers. While we are likely to do some portfolio adjustments as a result of the new information released with company results, the most important question in coming months will most likely be how to position for a potentially changing macro... Show More

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