Alvise Peggion

Alvise joined Forager in 2013 and works for the Forager International Shares Fund. He has a degree in Finance (Honours) from the University of Adelaide and he is a CFA charterholder. Alvise is fluent in Italian, Chinese (Mandarin) and English.


My Nishino moment

Alvise Peggion

Why now? This is what Japanese football fans asked themselves on the eve of the current edition of the FIFA World Cup. The Japanese Football Federation had just sacked coach Vahid Halilhodžić. Show More

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Odd odds at the World Cup

Alvise Peggion

As my friends cruelly continue to remind me, my country sadly didn’t qualify for the Russia edition of the FIFA World Cup. But who said that a World Cup without Italy can’t be fun? Show More

gaming world cup Probability Odds

Italian borsa back on the radar

Alvise Peggion

Over the past two months Italian politics showed once more it can have more twists and turns than the mountains of the Giro. Show More

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The omnichannel fallacy

Alvise Peggion

There are few things I fear more than a visit to a Zara store. Why so many people choose to spend time in such a crowded, messy and noisy place is beyond me. But it’s clear that Zara knows what it’s doing. Show More

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Beware the overseas expansion

Alvise Peggion

Aussie companies have a mixed record when venturing overseas. But in early 2016 Wesfarmers had a great history of building wealth for shareholders – an investment in the company’s shares in 2000 returned nearly 17% per year while the Australian market, including dividends, returned 8% a year over the same... Show More

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Making the most of mistakes

Alvise Peggion

For those who fear flying, facts and statistics are likely of little help. But flying has become a lot safer over the decades. The number of incidents for every one million departures has fallen from 50 in the 1960s to less than one in 2016. Show More

investor psychology cognitive bias Failure

Why declining businesses are hard to stomach

Alvise Peggion

Forget pizza, bruschetta, risotto and pasta. What I most miss about Italy is mortadella, a pork sausage flavoured with spices and pistachios. It may not be fancy but it is loaded with flavour, and great childhood memories. Show More

forager funds Structural decline

Buying in an information vacuum

Alvise Peggion

A few weeks ago the International Fund invested in a company that couldn’t even publish its accounts on time. The reason? Management couldn’t finalise its sales figure. Show More

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