Andrew Zenonos

Andrew Zenonos is an Implementation Portfolio Manager on Russell Investments’ equities team, with responsibilities spanning Australian and Asia Pacific ex-Japan funds and ETFs. He joined Russell Investments in 2012. Andrew is involved in all...


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The Case for Owning Quality Stocks Now

Andrew Zenonos

It is no secret that investing in high quality stocks for the long term is a good investment strategy. Russell Investments believes that a premium for high quality stocks exists, in that they will outperform low quality stocks over the long term. We believe that this anomaly exists as investors... Show More


Momentum Investing: Buying Winners and Selling Losers

Andrew Zenonos

The popular adage when it comes to investing is “buy low and sell high”. Another way many investors approach their portfolios is to “sell the winners and buy the losers”, recycling capital from winning stock bets to average in on stocks that have not been successful. Whilst this sounds like... Show More

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