Anthony Kavanagh

People that know me know that I love a burger. If it doesn’t work out for me as an investor it has been suggested − that with my list of 74 burger joints sampled throughout Melbourne − I may have to fall back on a career as a... Show More

Anthony Kavanagh

When we are asked to think about key disruptors that have changed the world in the past 20 years most of us will reel off a list of applications or companies like Uber, Electric Vehicles/Tesla and Facebook. Many of us will ignore some of the less obvious disruptors. Show More

Thanks Robert. Appreciate the feedback. The m's can get confusing in oil and gas terminology (meaning 1000) particularly as most Australian companies often refer to GJ or PJ, an energy content measure rather than volumetric measure when discussing gas field sizes. You will notice that I have referred to 458Bcf of gas which ~480PJ of gas. The ~AUD500m is correct but to save confusion AUD1/GJ or AUD1m/PJ if that helps.

On A different kind of Energy Disruption -