The share price of tech market darling, Tesla, rose inexorably more than ten-fold between early 2013 and early 2018. One manager not convinced by the hype was Jacob Mitchell from Antipodes Partners, who presented his short thesis on the stock at Livewire Live as early as July 2017. At its heart,... Show More

Antipodes Partners

Electricity generation in Europe is undergoing a major transformation. Many investors think that the “new world” (i.e. renewables, batteries and smart grids) is going to wipe out the “old world” (i.e. centralised baseload generated from nuclear and fossil fuels). Whilst we do accept that there will be a transition we... Show More


Apple will soon usher in the 10th anniversary of its hallmark product – the iPhone. The device has revolutionised the way we communicate since its introduction in 2007, and provided a major catalyst to Apple becoming the biggest company in the world. Later today, Apple will hold one of their... Show More

Antipodes Partners

The European Union (EU) has often been described as an economic impossibility, however a conclusive and over-looked fact remains, that since the birth of the Euro, the EU has produced a better growth outcome than the US and Japan (Chart 1). Show More

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