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Anton joined the funds management industry in 1986 and is the co-manager of the Investors Mutual Australian Share Fund and Portfolio Manager of the Investors Mutual All Industrials Share Fund & Investors Mutual Equity Income Fund.


Resources v Industrials – a Growth vs Value conundrum

Anton Tagliaferro

The significant outperformance of Resources over Industrials since February 2016, is a major factor contributing to the recent underperformance of Value managers like IML, compared to Growth and Momentum strategies which I discussed in a recent wire. Show More


Market dynamics – the case for value remains

Anton Tagliaferro

In the world of haute couture, a famous designer once quipped – “In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic”. At Investors Mutual we would rephrase it as: “In a world full of trends, we want to remain a true-to-label value investor”. Show More

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Why dividends are so important

Anton Tagliaferro

Of late, the headlines on dividends have been primarily focused on the proposed removal of some of the more favourable tax treatments should the Labor Party get elected to power. While franking credits on dividends certainly enhance the attraction of dividends received from Australian companies to many investors, we believe... Show More

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My thoughts on the recent Wall Street correction

Anton Tagliaferro

Last week Wall Street fell over 1,000 points, reversing the sharp rises of earlier in the month. Many are now asking if this is the start of a new trend on markets and what it all means for the Australian sharemarket. Show More

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Thank you for all of your comments. I agree that dividends are just one important element of assessing when to buy shares in a company. At IML we look for 4 quality attributes: a strong competitive advantage; a history of consistent, recurring earnings; a capable management team; and the ability to grow earnings and consequently their dividends over time. We also seek to buy these quality companies at a reasonable price.

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Thank you Shabbir, Wendy and Romano for your comments. It's been a busy week! Wendy we are working on a piece about yield sensitivity at the moment so stay tuned. And please let me know when your crystal ball arrives back from the shop as I'm interested to hear what it has to say!

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