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Few Australian large-cap stocks have caused as many differences of opinion over company prospects as Telstra. They have been Australia’s largest and most profitable telco and a solid dividend payer. Yet, despite this, Telstra's shares have been disappointing performers since the company was floated on the ASX following an offer... Show More

Anton Tagliaferro

The Australian share market is heavily concentrated amongst the largest companies both in terms of market capitalisation and industry sector. The top 20 stocks dominate the share market with the S&P/ASX 20 stocks amongst the most widely held and researched companies in Australia.Given the large concentration of the ASX top... Show More

Anton Tagliaferro

Most people are familiar with the concept of compound interest when it comes to term deposits where one can earn interest on interest by continuing to roll over a term deposit several times. However, many investors do not relate the concept of compounding to their investments in the sharemarket. Show More

Anton Tagliaferro

One of the most basic economic concepts is the relationship between the demand for a product and its price: as prices go up, demand goes down, and as prices go down, demand increases. So if ‘widgets’ are generally sold for $10 and then go on sale for $5, people will... Show More

Thank you for your comments Jarrad and Ben, we always have an eye on the downside at IML, something many investors forget until tough times arrive.

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Thank you for all of your comments. I agree that dividends are just one important element of assessing when to buy shares in a company. At IML we look for 4 quality attributes: a strong competitive advantage; a history of consistent, recurring earnings; a capable management team; and the ability to grow earnings and consequently their dividends over time. We also seek to buy these quality companies at a reasonable price.

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Thank you Shabbir, Wendy and Romano for your comments. It's been a busy week! Wendy we are working on a piece about yield sensitivity at the moment so stay tuned. And please let me know when your crystal ball arrives back from the shop as I'm interested to hear what it has to say!

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