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Anton Tagliaferro

Anton is the co-manager of the Investors Mutual Australian Share Fund and Portfolio Manager of the Investors Mutual All Industrials Share Fund & Investors Mutual Equity Income Fund. In addition, Anton co- manages QV Equities Limited, a Listed Investment Company focused on the ex 20 sector. Anton established IML in 1998 as a boutique, value style Australian equities fund manager. Anton joined the funds management industry in 1986. Highlights of Anton’s career include managing all Australian equity portfolios at BNP Investment Management, being the Industrials Director at County Natwest Investment Management and Group Investment Manager at Perpetual where he was responsible for launching and managing Perpetual’s highly successful Industrial Share Fund. Anton obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy with Honours from Metropolitan University in London in 1981. 3 years later he qualified as a Chartered Accountant while working at Deloitte’s in London.

My thoughts on the recent Wall Street correction

Anton Tagliaferro
Anton Tagliaferro Investors Mutual Limited

Last week Wall Street fell over 1,000 points, reversing the sharp rises of earlier in the month. Many are now asking if this is the start of a new trend on markets and what it all means for the Australian sharemarket. Show More

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Thank you Shabbir, Wendy and Romano for your comments. It's been a busy week! Wendy we are working on a piece about yield sensitivity at the moment so stay tuned. And please let me know when your crystal ball arrives back from the shop as I'm interested to hear what it has to say!

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