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Ardea Investment Management is a fixed income investment manager founded by a team with diverse investment experience. Our primary focus is to deliver controlled returns to our clients.


Linkers surge on UK inflation shock: a British history lesson

Ardea Investment Management

The events surrounding Brexit have spun off many important lessons for markets, not least of which is the importance of considering all possible outcomes when assessing risk in financial markets. Show More

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Two charts we are watching closely right now

Ardea Investment Management

As fixed income investors concerned with protecting the value of client portfolios, two interesting charts for us at present are the outlook for US as well as Australian inflation and the level of volatility in fixed income markets. Show More

inflation fixed income volatility Ardea Investment Management

The single most important chart we are watching

Ardea Investment Management

Livewire reached out to Ardea, asking us three questions: What is the single most important chart we are watching, what is it currently telling us, and what are the implications for investors? Responses below from Tamar Hamlyn, Ardea's Principal: Show More

inflation tips charts

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Developments in Inflation Expectations

Ardea Investment Management

Both UK and US central bank comments reveal thinking on policy responses to future rises in inflation. Show More

inflation Longform Ardea Investment Management

How quickly can you boil a frog? Why we should still think about inflation.

Ardea Investment Management

During the 19th century, several German and American scientists undertook experiments observing the reaction of frogs to slowly heated water. Without exploring the detail of the experiments or the debate over their scientific validity, they spawned the parable about a frog being boiled alive if cold water were heated at... Show More

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