Arik Star

Arik joined Ellerston in 2014 and is the Portfolio Manager for Ellerston’s listed investment company, Ellerston Global Investments Ltd. Arik has over 25 years financial markets experience with 14 years of global equity investing experience.


The next revolution for mobile communications

Arik Star

I so clearly remember my first mobile phone. All I could do was talk on it, but I was mobile and thought that phone was the greatest device ever. Since then, advancements in wireless technology have been extraordinary and changed the way we communicate, work and live our lives. We... Show More

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A strong, defendable business at a discount

Arik Star

Think of a business that has 50% market share; number one position in an oligopoly. A business whose average client length is over 20 years. This is a business with 90% revenue visibility. That’s the business I spoke about at the Future Generation Investment Forum in the video below. Show More

ellerston capital ASX:FGG lon:eqn equiniti

Finding opportunities on the road less travelled

Arik Star

In global developed equity markets the mid/small cap universe is more than five times the size of the large cap universe. Within that global mid/small cap universe, EGI focusses on change; companies going through what we call a period of price discovery. This typically includes spin offs, fallen angels, management... Show More

ellerston capital contrarian global equities ASX:EGI

The Global Mid - Small Cap Opportunity

Arik Star

Most Australian investors domestic equity exposure is diversified across large, mid and small cap companies. Mid/small cap companies like Qantas, Treasury Wines, Cochlear, Computershare and NextDC have been some of the best performers on the ASX in recent years benefitting the returns of domestic equity portfolios. However, to date, any... Show More


Everything you’re doing is being stored

Arik Star

Today we are consuming more data than ever on more devices. We are streaming shows with Netflix, listening to music on Spotify, and companies adopting cloud strategies continue to accelerate. All of these performance sensitive applications require a cloud based infrastructure that is scalable, secure and cost efficient, allowing user’s... Show More

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