Ben Clark

Ben Clark commenced his role as Portfolio Manager with TMS in 2005 and has over 15 years’ experience in the industry. Ben is responsible for the research, construction and ongoing management of client portfolios, tailoring them to reflect client’s...


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Aristocrat: Poised for the next leg of growth

Ben Clark

Aristocrat Leisure was my choice for 2018 in the Livewire "Predictions and top picks" series filmed in December. Aristocrat hosted an investor session last week, which was attended by over 100 analysts, investors, and fund managers. After a very busy start to 2018, I thought I’d pass my points from... Show More


Blackmores: With volatility comes opportunity

Ben Clark

After a stellar performance in 2015 shares in Blackmores have been volatile in 2016. We have been somewhat skeptical about the supplements industry, however, we recently met with management and came away feeling like we may have underestimated how big of a growth market China could be over the coming... Show More

blackmores ASX:BKL

TMS Capital reporting season update

Ben Clark

As often happens in reporting season, there were some great results to begin with this year. REA Group has released a bumper result, with revenue growth reverting to the trend of around 20% p.a. This business has one of the highest returns on equity of any business at the top... Show More


Last week we made the decision to exit Sydney Airport after four years on the register – here’s why

Ben Clark

Infrastructure stocks were once seen as the boring, conservative part of the market to invest in, they paid decent yields, you’d hope for some small capital growth on top over the years and these stable assets would have done their job. How things have changed! Over the last five years... Show More

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