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Half of H2 Ventures’ founding duo, ex-MD of UBS Global Asset Management in Australia and impassioned believer in fostering an environment where investors and entrepreneurs can succeed together.


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Ignore the Buzz... but don't underestimate the importance of innovation

Ben Heap

It is difficult to consider Australia’s economic future without considering the extraordinary technological change that is impacting industries, the economy, indeed society itself, at an accelerating pace and in ways that are hard to foresee. As a high cost, low productivity nation, our goal must be to harness innovation, as... Show More

The curse of dividend imputation

Ben Heap

Listed Australian companies have paid out $72 billion in dividends since the start of 2017, and that is a disaster for the country. This may come as a shock to those for whom dividends are an indicator of sound financial performance or a source of perceived return corporate stability going... Show More


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Where to invest in 2017 (for 2037)

Ben Heap

Investing in Australia has been relatively straight forward for the past thirty years - buy domestic banks and property - however, this investment strategy is in its twilight. The challenge for investors, and indeed for the Australian economy itself, is to invest for the future rather than the past. More... Show More

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Thanks all for the feedback. Some good points for any against; not surprisingly there are a variety of opinions. My key argument is that Australian companies and boards must not be afraid to reinvest in their own businesses - dividends are always well received, but should not be at the expense of ensuring iconic Australian companies remain great companies well into the future.

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