A tip of the hat for Twiggy

Bennelong Funds Management

Fortescue reported a result that was worthy of a round of applause. The result was surprisingly strong right across the board, but what drove the strength and was most impressive, was the very material productivity improvements the company achieved. The company reduced production unit costs by over 40% over the... Show More

Stock Story - Ramsay Health Care (audio)

Bennelong Funds Management

Julian Beaumont, Investment Director at Bennelong Australian Equity Partners, shares his views on Ramsay Health Care, why it is under appreciated by the market and how its offshore growth opportunities bode well for the business. http://www.bennelongfunds.com/insights/193/stock-story-ramsay-health-care-audio#.V5lGL_l96Uk Show More

Stock Story - the Star Entertainment Group (audio)

Bennelong Funds Management

Julian Beaumont, Investment Director at Bennelong Australian Equity Partners, talks about the transition occurring within the Australian economy, what this means for various sectors, and why his team likes the Star Entertainment Group. Listen here: http://www.bennelongfunds.com/insights/184/stock-story-the-star-entertainment#.V2iB7_l96Uk Show More

Austbrokers: attractive position and value

Bennelong Funds Management

"Our view is that most market penetration stories are expensive. In fact, we believe these names are broadly overpriced and even as EPS growth emerges, stock prices will stagnate or fall given high starting valuations. One exception is retirement village operator Aveo, which will increasingly benefit from the ageing population,... Show More

Will markets lose faith in central banks?

Bennelong Funds Management

Over the past five years, financial markets have moved in concert with changes in policy from central banks. Much of the share market recovery since 2009 has been attributed to ‘easy money’ – including the policy of quantitative easing. While the real economic benefits from central bank policy are questionable... Show More

Combining passive and active to get the best of both worlds

Bennelong Funds Management

Bennelong launched its new Twenty20 Australian Equities Fund today – giving investors a mix of passive and active management with low fees. The fund invests passively in the top 20 stocks, similar to an index fund, and invests actively in the ex-20 market, along the same tried and tested investment... Show More

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