Brett Craig

Brett is responsible for portfolio management and asset origination for the Aura High Yield SME Fund. Prior to joining Aura, Brett held a number of roles at Macquarie Group, Australia’s largest investment bank over an 11 year period including Vice...


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What's coming for Fintech lending in 2018

Brett Craig

I have been active in the Alternative Finance (AltFi) sector since 2011 and have observed significant progress across lending, payments and fintech in general in the Australian market since then. Show More

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Double Digit Yield Opportunity - SME Lending and Fintech

Brett Craig

The SME Alternative Finance (AltFi) lending market is gaining momentum in the Australian market. We are lagging the US and UK markets by about 4 years, however the growth inflection point is near in the domestic market. There are opportunities for double digit yields on the debt, whilst supporting the... Show More

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