Charlie Aitken

Charlie has more than 22 years of market experience. He is best known for his high conviction, top down and bottom up investment ideas formulated from consistently meeting with listed and unlisted companies, policymakers and regulators.


It’s always darkest before the dawn

Charlie Aitken

US equities have led the recent correction in global equities. We have been swinging around on Twitter headlines with index futures traders deciding the short-term direction of markets. Pretty much everything has been moving up and down in tandem, led by gyrations in index futures markets. Show More

us equities Aitken investment management

Our single largest Chinese investment

Charlie Aitken

Our structurally bullish view on Chinese consumer-facing companies continues and today we thought we’d update you on our single largest investment in China, Ping An Insurance (2318HK). Ping An has been in the fund since our inception 2.5 years ago. As our conviction has grown so too has the scale... Show More

Aitken investment management 2318HK Ping An Insurance

Ramsay’s health deteriorating

Charlie Aitken

Ramsay's result showed that private hospital operators continue to work in a challenging environment where top-line growth is moderating significantly whilst cost pressures continue to mount. Sales growth in RHC’s Australian operations moderated to 4.3% year-on-year, whilst the French and UK operations went backwards. At the same time the quality... Show More

The danger in expensive defensives

Charlie Aitken

After a short period of relative calm, it appears rising global bond yields, led by US Treasuries, are going to again prove a headwind to certain “defensive” parts of equity markets. Show More


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CYB: Our No.1 Bank Holding Globally

Charlie Aitken

CYB PLC which are the UK retail banking assets spun out of National Australia Bank (NAB) remains a compelling short, medium and long-term investment in my opinion. Show More


Can banks become tech stocks?

Charlie Aitken

I recently attended the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 22nd Annual Financials CEO Conference in London. With financials being such a large weighting in global, and local, equity indices and the interest rate cycle turning up, attending this conference has given me genuine insight into the prospects for UK and... Show More

european growth ASX:CYB European banks

Ramsay Healthcare (RHC): Why we remain short

Charlie Aitken

Ramsay Healthcare (RHC) is a core structural short in the AIM Global High Conviction fund. The five bear points we have consistently pointed to are: Show More

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