Chris Manuell

Chris has over 20 years of global financial markets experience gleaned from Merrill Lynch (ML), Société Générale (SG) and The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) across Sydney, London and Toronto. Over his career, he has forged a deep bond investment...


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High Yield Bonds - Flashing Amber

Chris Manuell

Global financial markets have remained devoid of any meaningful volatility this year which partly explains the excitement last week following the sharp retracement in high yield bonds. Credit is historically the canary in the coal mine for impending weakness in other asset classes which is why it tends to attract... Show More

Bond bears have it wrong again

Chris Manuell

Bond Bears have become vociferous again in line with the recent move higher in US 10 year yield, which has moved higher by 36 bp, the highest for the year thus far as it currently sits at the average yield for 2017 at 2.31%. This has all the trademarks of... Show More

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Who's in YOUR portfolio backline this Grand Final?

Chris Manuell

You would never select a team without a backline. So, have you considered who’s playing in the defensive half for your portfolio late in this investment cycle? Show More

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