WiseTech, Appen, Afterpay, Altium and Xero (WAAAX) are up just over five-fold over the last two years, pushing the aggregate market cap to over $28 billion. Some of the valuation metrics are now laughable. However... the same thing was also true two years ago before this rally commenced. So where... Show More

Rudi Minbatiwala

I know I’m not alone in saying that watching old episodes of Seinfeld is one of my favourite ways to unwind – I’ve even done the Kramer Reality Bus Tour in New York! Yet it came as a bit of a surprise when the episode ‘The Opposite’, where George Costanza... Show More


(Ed note: First published December 2017): At the start of December we asked 13 contributing Fund Managers for their ‘number one call for 2018’, for our new Livewire ‘Christmas Cracker’ series which you may have seen in recent weeks. In case you missed any of them, we have wrapped them... Show More

Patrick, thank you for your comment. Our intention was to note the change in pattern for Australian investors, who do appear to be looking at diversifying their exposure away from Australian equities. As the report shows, increased allocation to global equities, as well as a move to investment property hint at two ways investors are looking at bringing higher growth and diversification in to their investment and superannuation portfolios. These changes must be seen in the context of the historic home bias Australian investors have shown and that the investors in this report do not have a financial adviser. This risk we speak about is due to changing investment allocation, especially as well as some of these moves appear to be currency related given the universal allocation to global equities when the Australian dollar moved below parity against the US dollar.

On Australian investors chasing GFC losses offshore -