Hi Graeme - your privatisation angle is one close to my heart! I wrote something on that a few months ago: Stay long the grifters, influencers and lobbyists https://nucleuswealth.com/2019/04/12/stay-long-grifters-influencers-and-lobbyists/

On Energy: Price Parity no Party for Coal -

Justin: Absolutely valuations were driven by fear. But if you were an investor in listed property and you needed the money then you had to sell at a loss of 60%. If you owned an unlisted fund then the fund claimed that your money had increased, but they locked it up and you couldn't access it at all... for the investor that needed the money (say in a pension phase), the loss of 60% was way more real than the paper increase in a locked up fund.

On The magic of manipulated valuations: WeWork vs your Superannuation -