The dos and don’ts of doing derivatives

Dan Bosscher

As market volatility continues to build, investors can protect the value of their portfolios with derivatives. The good news is that retail investors are able to easily buy and sell derivatives on the ASX, but caution is warranted as they can be complex products. Show More

Modern Portfolio Theory or Volatility Index (VIX)?

Dan Bosscher

Modern portfolio theory, a hypothesis from the 1950’s (Markowitz) has been the traditional strategy for protecting portfolios from drawdown. Investors are increasingly asking whether this is still the best way to build a resilient portfolio. The traditional view is that diversification should be enough to protect us from volatility. But... Show More

Financial Risk – ‘Known Unknowns’?

Dan Bosscher

Donald Rumsfeld’s phrase has joined the group of terms synonymous with risk. When he said this in 2003 he was not talking about financial markets, however financial markets have adopted it. Today there are many known (but not widely known) risks in the derivative instruments we trade. On their own... Show More

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