Daniel Moore

Since joining IML, Daniel has been part of the team which won Large Cap Fund Manager of the year in 2012 & 2015. In 2013 he was given Portfolio Management responsibilities within the firm, managing a portion of the IML Australian Share Fund.


It’s not only about what you buy…but what you pay when you buy it

Daniel Moore

When looking at all stocks over a period of time, even the best quality ones, it becomes clear that companies often fall into or out of favour with investors based on short-term factors. These short-term factors can greatly impact the perception and the PE rating of the company’s stock price... Show More


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The best opportunity in healthcare

Daniel Moore

In this interview, I discuss the best long-term investment opportunities in the sector, which stocks I am cautious on, and what the future holds for the sector as a whole. Show More

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The three characteristics of a quality healthcare company

Daniel Moore

Australia’s Healthcare sector has outperformed all others over the last five years, due to strong demand from investors seeking companies with reliable earnings growth. This has pushed valuations to historically high levels, with some healthcare companies trading at a 50 per cent premium to their global peers, and a 100... Show More

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