Daniel Want


CIO & Co-founder
Prerequisite Capital Management

Daniel Want is the CIO & co-founder of Prerequisite Capital Management Pty Ltd (PCM). PCM manages investment portfolios (separately managed accounts both inside and outside of Superannuation), provides research and is a trusted advisor within a variety of contexts. PCM works with sophisticated investors, financial advisors and private individuals to achieve better investment results within a dynamically evolving world. For more information please visit www.prerequisite.com.au


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Unseen risks in the banking sector

Daniel Want

The relative fortunes of banks in different parts of the world have been increasingly indicative of underlying trends in currency markets. The question is, however, is this a coincidence or should we be viewing it as a signal? Show More

banks macroeconomics Global banks

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Chinese signals warn of headwinds for ASX

Daniel Want

In analysing China you often need to dive deeper than the officially reported statistics, often having to look at different ways to ‘triangulate’ different datasets in order to more solidly grasp what is really happening beneath the surface. They reveal that once again we are at an important juncture for... Show More

China macro

Peak optimism for Australia’s big four banks

Daniel Want

Looking at Australia’s big four banks (CBA, WBC, ANZ, NAB) we see a condition where the evolution of the global context is under-appreciated, particularly with regards to shifts in the Chinese situation. First, we look at the valuation picture of Australia’s big four banks. Then we consider the bank’s Achilles-heel... Show More

Lower prices ahead for BHP, Rio and Woodside

Daniel Want

When we step back and look at the capital flow, liquidity and growth conditions in the world, the implications for the recent run-up in stocks like BHP, RIO and WPL become clear: Lower prices are likely ahead. In measuring global liquidity conditions, we are careful to measure both the ‘quantity’... Show More

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