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Portfolio Manager/Consultant

Dominic McCormick has worked in financial services and investment management for 33 years. He co-founded multi-asset and alternatives manager Select Asset Management in 2002 which was sold to OveVue Limited in 2014. He is the Portfolio Manager of the Select Listed Investments Fund and the Select Real Return Fund. He also provides investment consulting services with a focus on portfolio construction, real return investing and listed funds. Dominic can be contacted at


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Opportunities and risks in the pricing of LICs

Dominic   McCormick

There are now more than 100 closed end listed investment funds on the ASX including Listed Investment Companies (“LICs”) and Listed Investment Trusts (“LITs”). For simplicity I will refer to them all as “LICs”. LICs differ from other listed funds such as ETFs and active ETFs in a range of... Show More

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Livewire Summer School: To dance, or not to dance?

Dominic   McCormick

It's that time of year when investment professionals forecast the year ahead. But how useful are these? As one commentator put it; "strategists are forecasting a gain of around 7% for the S&P 500 in 2018. That's about how much they thought the S&P would rally in 2017. And 2016.... Show More

summer school 2018 Outlook Series

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Magellan's "Monster" Listed Trust - Masterstroke or Misfire? 

Dominic   McCormick

Magellan showed they could innovate with their exchange traded managed funds (ETMFs launched in early 2015). Now they are raising money for what’s been called a "monster" closed end listed investment trust (LIT) with features that dramatically raise the bar for the standard model of closed end listed investment vehicles... Show More

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