The rise and rise of Afterpay

Emanuel Datt

We got lucky. A few days after our last wire, discussing two stocks to watch, one of them, Afterpay, released a positive business update and the share price exploded, gaining in excess of 30% within a matter of days. Reading market commentary, a common perception is that Afterpay is overvalued... Show More

Alex, Dean has picked this company superbly, with great foresight. Your comments do indicate the degree of ignorance of the company's business model held by the wider investing public; which ultimately will benefit those who do understand the nuances of their business model.

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Good article Jonathan, I would also add the potential impact of externalities in the 12 categories of debt above. For example, the potential of US student debt to become discharge-able in bankruptcy etc.

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Great suggestions Rodney; they are all very relevant to the long-term success of a company. However, we believe that the location and specific attributes of a deposit are unique and hence the most important piece in the puzzle. Patient, long-term capital and competent managers will always be attracted to great deposits in good locations; whereas a sub-par deposit in a marginal location may only be economic during certain periods in the commodity cycle, making it a far riskier proposition.

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