Emanuel Datt

Emanuel is the Principal and Portfolio Manager of Datt Capital, a boutique fund manager with a Family Office mentality. The Datt Capital Absolute Return Fund aims for double-digit absolute returns with low volatility and quarterly income distribution


The metal you can't live without

Emanuel Datt

As investors, we all look for opportunities where there is a clear, coherent and compelling rationale for investing. Ideally, the opportunity should possess strong growth characteristics, and limited downside should our thesis not eventuate after a period of time. We look at one such thematic, and three microcap exposures to... Show More


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Great suggestions Rodney; they are all very relevant to the long-term success of a company. However, we believe that the location and specific attributes of a deposit are unique and hence the most important piece in the puzzle. Patient, long-term capital and competent managers will always be attracted to great deposits in good locations; whereas a sub-par deposit in a marginal location may only be economic during certain periods in the commodity cycle, making it a far riskier proposition.

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