Gopi Karunakaran

Gopi Karunakaran is a portfolio manager, and a member of Ardea’s fixed income team. Ardea is one of Australia’s largest fixed income managers, specialising in relative value investing in the debt, credit and derivative markets.


More Risk for Less Return

Gopi Karunakaran

Sacrificing liquidity in return for additional yield can be attractive if the compensation is sufficient and the time horizon of capital is appropriate. But corporate bond markets are currently not providing sufficient compensation for growing illiquidity risk. Show More

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Does Fixed Income Still Diversify Portfolio Risk?

Gopi Karunakaran

As global expectations of rising interest rates and inflation begin to become more mainstream, investors are wise to pause and reflect on what this means for their overall portfolios. Against this backdrop, both long-term and more recent data strongly suggests that simply holding passive allocations to government bonds may not... Show More

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