Alex Cowie

The chaos of reporting season makes a good case against markets being efficient. It will take weeks, if not months, to fully parse the recent data download of many hundreds of reports, and to also process views gleamed from the ensuing company roadshows. Reporting season can thus generate a long... Show More


(Ed note: First published December 2017): At the start of December we asked 13 contributing Fund Managers for their ‘number one call for 2018’, for our new Livewire ‘Christmas Cracker’ series which you may have seen in recent weeks. In case you missed any of them, we have wrapped them... Show More

Graeme Carson

Afterpay (ASX:AFY) is changing the way consumers buy retail goods and, in the process, is revolutionising layby. The outlook for growth in Afterpay isn't slowing but the market appears apprehensive with the recent announcement that AFY will merge with, its once big brother, Touchcorp (ASX:TCH). Is this an opportunity to... Show More

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