Australian Market Wrap

Henry Jennings

A meteoric rise today from the starting gun. No looking back as a combination of strong overseas leads, steady Chinese market and continued short covering pre the reporting season helped things along nicely. We did lose 10 points at the closing match out so some caution ahead of Greek stock... Show More

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Few thoughts on the Aussie market

Henry Jennings

Momentum in the index is starting to build as we have another go at 6000…overseas markets are leaping …fish are jumping and the cotton is high…hard to resist this…Two day meeting of the Fed will be crucial but it seems that China isn’t listening anyway as it marches ever higher…QE... Show More

Thoughts on the Aussie market!

Henry Jennings

A bit of backing and filling to finish the week as the Iron Ore battles continue to dominate the headlines..BHP and RIO are on the verge of being called ‘Un-Australian’ as commentators and pollies come out swinging on their ‘dig it til they hurt’ policy…Fortescue once again joined the fray... Show More

Few thoughts on the Aussie market and China!

Henry Jennings

Let’s face it guys ,the worlds’ second biggest economy growing at a rate of 7% ain’t too shabby…there are many countries that would give their eye teeth to be growing at half that!!Us included!!the stuff that dreams are made of…much has been made of the Chinese slowdown…but put it in... Show More

Australian Market thoughts for today

Henry Jennings

So close and yet so far…the rally died yesterday as Chinese numbers disappointed…let’s face it when the Asian markets are going gangbusters why bother with the ASX200(Shanghai up another 1.5% yesterday!!!!)…only really for locals at the moment and the theme of yield is still strong in this one more... Show More

Few thoughts for a...

Henry Jennings

Few thoughts for a Monday.. Show More

I agree with Chris...this one is a buy...all the iron ore stocks have been whacked a bit due to china numbers but think its overdone especially when you look at the production numbers coming out of the Pilbara..November iron ore exports were up 24% on the previous year and grew another 8% in December on data released this morning.

On Back in the Saddle well and truly today!!Hope everyone had a good break and although this week will be quiet still it's a good time to start thinking about... -