Three ASX stocks competing globally

Hyperion Asset Management

Livewire reached out to Hyperion on the topic of global investing. We discuss three ASX-listed stocks in our responses to the questions, which included: Which major global investing theme could impact Australian investors, discuss a company with a sustainable competitive advantage, and how do Australian companies become global leaders? Read... Show More

Domino’s: Now delivering globally

Hyperion Asset Management

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises exceeded our expectations again. Five years ago, our long-term forecast for DMP’s Australian pizza market share was 25%. Domino's is now at approximately 33% market share and looks destined to go a lot higher, given Eagle Boys' and Pizza Hut's woes and Domino's management’s high level of... Show More

Why quality stocks will continue to outperform

Hyperion Asset Management

In our view, a quality company has a sustainable competitive advantage, strong organic growth options, high return on capital, excellent management, limited need for capital expenditure or debt and reasonably predictable long-term earning streams. Based on our experience, we can carefully define and quantify these characteristics. Quality companies should outperform... Show More

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