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The initial reaction is rarely the right one

Hyperion Asset Management

Hyperion Asset Management has been long-term supporters of Domino’s Pizza. Tim Samway, Managing Director, admits that today's Domino's result missed on a few areas, but that he was generally 'not that unhappy.' Show More


Three ASX stocks competing globally

Hyperion Asset Management

Livewire reached out to Hyperion on the topic of global investing. We discuss three ASX-listed stocks in our responses to the questions, which included: Which major global investing theme could impact Australian investors, discuss a company with a sustainable competitive advantage, and how do Australian companies become global leaders? Read... Show More

Domino’s: Now delivering globally

Hyperion Asset Management

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises exceeded our expectations again. Five years ago, our long-term forecast for DMP’s Australian pizza market share was 25%. Domino's is now at approximately 33% market share and looks destined to go a lot higher, given Eagle Boys' and Pizza Hut's woes and Domino's management’s high level of... Show More

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Banks to face subdued profit growth

Hyperion Asset Management

Although we don’t focus specifically on sector exposures, the banks that have reported have generally only achieved very modest profit growth in the latest period. Although in terms of share prices, the major banks are trading below levels achieved earlier in 2015, we believe that with the tailwind of lower... Show More

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2 companies investing for the future

Hyperion Asset Management

Rather than a result being misunderstood, our longer-term investment horizon often means we have a different response to an earnings release to much of the wider market. For example, we generally welcome a company reinvesting back into their business at the expense of margins in the short-term, if those funds... Show More

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The key to Domino’s valuation

Hyperion Asset Management

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (DMP) has been a constant source of market speculation in recent times given its inflated short-term price-to-earnings ratio. Our discussions have focused on the outlook for the business over five years or longer. We believe that although it is very difficult to predict the stock price over... Show More

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Why quality stocks will continue to outperform

Hyperion Asset Management

In our view, a quality company has a sustainable competitive advantage, strong organic growth options, high return on capital, excellent management, limited need for capital expenditure or debt and reasonably predictable long-term earning streams. Based on our experience, we can carefully define and quantify these characteristics. Quality companies should outperform... Show More

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