If This is Failure - Give Me More!

Jack Lowenstein

After a week in Tokyo – the thought arises: “If this is failure – give me more!” A stunning, safe and friendly city, with an economy enjoying its best, most consistent growth in a decade and unemployment at previously unimaginable lows. With a stock market trading at low multiples, despite... Show More

Ethical investing doesn’t mean lower returns

Jack Lowenstein

I started my career as an ethical investor twenty years ago; in more than a decade of ethical investing, I produced outperformance against the benchmark, as well as good absolute returns. Our back-testing has demonstrated that over the past 4.5 years, the ethical screen we’re applying would’ve added about 0.3%... Show More

Why Broadspectrum Shareholders should ignore the board’s recommendation and take the Ferrovial money and run

Jack Lowenstein

Yesterday's PNG court ruling that Broadspectrum's Manus Island detention camp is illegal means shareholders should ignore the advice of its board and take Ferrovial's $1.50 a share offer, which closes on May 2nd. Broadspectrum’s board should also climb down from its untenable position that the bid isn't in shareholders' interests.... Show More

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