Jack Lowenstein

Jack co-founded Morphic Asset Management in 2012. As a stock picker Jack has invested in a variety of markets and sectors, but developed in-depth knowledge of markets in Asia-Pacific region as well as global finance and resources sectors.


Investment insights from 10 days in Japan

Jack Lowenstein

We recently returned from ten days visiting more than 20 companies in Japan. Two things struck us: the vast increase in the number of tourists, and how cheap it seemed compared to Australia. The last was born out by the fact that persistent low inflation means that Tokyo is no... Show More

Sometimes the safest thing to do is nothing

Jack Lowenstein

As most of you will have noticed, global share markets have been very turbulent, and sharply down this month. Our view is that this does NOT mark the end of the bull market we have seen since we launched the Morphic Global Opportunities Fund in 2012. In consequence, we remain... Show More

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Rocket Man Kim - Keep calm and buy shares

Jack Lowenstein

A few weeks ago, US Ambassador Nikki Haley to the UN intoned that “the North Korean can couldn't be kicked any further down the road because there was no more road”. But a few weeks seems to be a long time in rhetorical road building because the can has just... Show More

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If This is Failure - Give Me More!

Jack Lowenstein

After a week in Tokyo – the thought arises: “If this is failure – give me more!” A stunning, safe and friendly city, with an economy enjoying its best, most consistent growth in a decade and unemployment at previously unimaginable lows. With a stock market trading at low multiples, despite... Show More

Why an ethical screen can improve returns

Jack Lowenstein

I recently spoke with Tom Pietrowski at Commsec about the Morphic Ethical Equity Fund. In the video, I make the case that ethical investing does not constrain performance, particularly given our negative view of some key sectors we screen out, such as energy and tobacco. Show More

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Ethical investing doesn’t mean lower returns

Jack Lowenstein

I started my career as an ethical investor twenty years ago; in more than a decade of ethical investing, I produced outperformance against the benchmark, as well as good absolute returns. Our back-testing has demonstrated that over the past 4.5 years, the ethical screen we’re applying would’ve added about 0.3%... Show More

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Morphic launches new ethical LIC

Jack Lowenstein

We are the first generation to experience climate change, and we are the last that can do anything about it. Morphic strongly believes that better investing can make the world a better place, and that there is no need for it to involve things that make us all poorer. Show More

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AMP gets wake-up call over its beleaguered China Fund

Jack Lowenstein

On Friday AMP goes to court hoping for permission to use AMP Life’s 36% stake in its underperforming China Fund (AGF) to fight off activist shareholders who want the fund wound up because of the unacceptable discount between its NTA and its share price. Show More

ASX:AGF AMP Capital China Growth Fund

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Modelling the Future – Trump versus Clinton

Jack Lowenstein

With Donald Trump confirmed as the Republican Party presidential candidate, and Hilary Clinton’s position as his Democrat rival all but sown up, investor attention will shift to the implications of the presidential campaign proper on US stock markets. In doing so we will try and look a little deeper than... Show More

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Why Broadspectrum Shareholders should ignore the board’s recommendation and take the Ferrovial money and run

Jack Lowenstein

Yesterday's PNG court ruling that Broadspectrum's Manus Island detention camp is illegal means shareholders should ignore the advice of its board and take Ferrovial's $1.50 a share offer, which closes on May 2nd. Broadspectrum’s board should also climb down from its untenable position that the bid isn't in shareholders' interests.... Show More


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