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James Dunphy was an investment banker for 27 years and a Managing Director and Group Head at Credit Suisse and Moelis & Company. James continues to provide investment banking advisory services and is an active investor in both public and private markets. In order to bring public attention to public company issues, James publishes material on his website MakeThemAccountable.com.au which is freely available to the public.


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Spark Infrastructure – Remove the Board Handbrake and Realise $2.75

James Dunphy

Spark Infrastructure – Remove the Board Handbrake and Realise $2.75 If, as I believe, Spark Infrastructure’s shares are worth $2.75, a rational explanation for the 45 cps undervaluation is needed. Show More

DUET remains at nose-bleed levels

James Dunphy

Investors need to discard history and believe in several improbabilities to buy DUET at current levels. Most importantly, investors need to believe the oxygen supply from DUET’s promised distributions will deny the forces of fundamental valuation’s gravity. Dividends can be solid indicators of company health, but equally can mask chronic... Show More


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