Hi Harry - I agree with the sentiment, although simply feel the easy money has now gone from the stock ahead of earnings. It's a decent turnaround they're grappling with.

On Telstra – Trap or Treasure (Revisited) -

Thanks Patrick - certainly has less teeth than it could have. From a banks perspective, Westpac should benefit most given the green light for continued vertical integration + they have a big branch network which should help them with selling mortgages. Mortgage brokers a big loser - the gravy train has stopped!

On Five minute quick-take on the Royal Commission findings -

$10 = blue swimmer $20 = lobster $50 = pineapple $100 = avocado (it used to be a grey nurse before the new notes)

On Telstra – Trap or Treasure? -

Hi Graeme - Better to look at points in our view - in rough terms wave 1 = 400pts, wave 3 which should be biggest = 700pts and wave 5 should be similar to wave 1 (give or take) - assume 400pts from about 1100 = 1500. We don't get too hung up on exacts - more areas / zones.

On Why is a correction looming? -