James Gerrish

James is a Portfolio Manager within Shaw and Partners heading up a team that manages direct equity and option portfolios. He is also the Primary Contributor to Market Matters, a daily investment report that offers real market insight.


Suncorp: A new dawn rises

James Gerrish

Suncorp (SUN) have reported their FY 2018 results this morning with a number of clear takeaways. This was a stronger result than expected pretty much across the board, and the share price has responded. Show More

ASX:SUN Livewire reporting August 2018

Rio: A bit of a mood killer

James Gerrish

Rio Tinto (RIO) reported 1H 2018 results after market with a number of clear takeaways. This was a weaker than expected result pretty much across the board from an 8% miss on the top line down to a 4% miss at the EBITDA level and a lower than expected dividend. Show More

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What's next for global markets? Identifying our sell triggers'

James Gerrish

Another extremely quiet week on the surface with the ASX200 closing up just +0.2% after struggling virtually all week before Fridays 56-point surge made everything appear rosy. The energy sectors strength stood out even though oil fell during the week but BHP carried the markets torch gaining +4.5% after announcing... Show More


4 stocks to watch in the current choppy market

James Gerrish

The ASX200 enjoyed a solid recovery on Tuesday, regaining around 60% of Monday’s losses with strength across all sectors, even the “yield play” area held up which was pretty impressive considering the strong gains by US bond yields the prior session. After a month of choppy price action, the ASX200... Show More


Not so Amaysim

James Gerrish

Amaysim shares were down heavily on Tuesday as ACCC attacked Amaysim’s energy brand Click Energy for false and misleading advertising practices. The regulator pointed to marketing material from Click between last October to April of this year showing discounts of between 7 and 29 percent where the ‘base rate’ used... Show More


3 stocks we don't like for the second half

James Gerrish

Even after its aggressive 2-year decline Domino’s (DMP) is still trading on a relatively expensive 30.6x valuation based on 2018 earnings while yielding just over 2% part franked. Show More


Why is the market ignoring the growing anxiety in China?

James Gerrish

Chinese stocks are now trading below the level they were in 2015 when they caused major global uncertainty and a massive uptick in volatility after they lost 30% in a few short weeks. Show More



Market Matters exclusive EOFY offer for Livewire readers

James Gerrish

Market Matters is an exclusive twice daily newsletter that bridges the gap between retail & professional market views and opinions. We write straight talking notes & trade a real money portfolio of stocks, sending live SMS alerts when we transact. Show More

Charlie Aitken & James Gerrish – Why the market could drop 10%.

James Gerrish

This morning I sat down with Charlie Aitken from AIM for a quick update on his macro views and the susceptibility of the market at current levels. We discuss US tech, Asian growth, crowded trades and the scope for a large correction in global stocks. Show More

What Mattered Today; ASX hits our target - we take a more bearish stance

James Gerrish

A sell off amongst the banks after a strong rally last week + weakness in US Futures on more trade war concerns put pressure on our market today, with the ASX 200 seeing its best levels in the first 15 mins of trade hitting a high of 6250, before sustained... Show More


Telstra – Trap or Treasure?

James Gerrish

Back on the 22nd of May, I made a bet with one of the dealers on our floor. He thought Telstra would see a $1 handle before a $3 handle. I was on the other side, and after today, I’m more confident that I’ll prevail. Show More


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What Mattered Today; Telstra higher ahead of investor day tomorrow

James Gerrish

Australian stocks enjoyed a strong hour or so of outperformance this morning with the banks again offering support to the index, however the war of words between Donald Trump and his Chinese counterparts over trade intensified putting pressure on US Futures which turned sharply lower – Asian markets also copped... Show More


Buy Banks & Sell Resources - has this call got legs?

James Gerrish

These markets are becoming extremely interesting as we start to see the “risk on theme” gather momentum at the expense of the more recent “safe haven” favourites e.g. last week we saw A2 Milk (A2M) +5.6% & Telstra (TLS) +5.8% while CSL Ltd (CSL) -2.5% & Cochlear (COH) -4.8%. Fridays... Show More


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What Mattered Today; We’ve developed a very special bond…says Trump!

James Gerrish

The central focus today was the much anticipated – talked about – on / off meeting between Mr Trump and the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. The meeting started this morning and went over lunch culminating with the signing of some agreement – the details of which remain scarce, although... Show More


What Mattered Today; Fortescue makes play on Atlas Iron, Prospa – anything but

James Gerrish

This morning we suggested that our market is currently lacking coordinated strength with different sectors taking it in turns to drag the market kicking and screaming higher e.g. yesterday the resources were strong but the banks fell -0.8% stifling any chance of an explosive advance. That changed slightly today with... Show More


What Mattered Today; Kogan under fire on insider sales (sort of!)

James Gerrish

Despite the Nasdaq reaching new highs on a close basis overnight + most indices rallying, local futures were pointing lower today and that’s where the market headed, quickly erasing yesterday’s relief before rebounding somewhat and settling around the 6000 level. The market dipped back below this level at the end... Show More


WHAT MATTERED TODAY: Metcash whacked – Reliance Worldwide flies!

James Gerrish

Local futures were pricing a drop of 30 points on open this morning with weakness in the commodity / energy complex the main driver, however news that the much talked about meeting between Mr Trump and Senor’ Un was back on sparked a recovery in US Futures (Dow Jones +84pts... Show More

What Mattered Today; Stocks rebound from early lows – short term bullish!

James Gerrish

A better day for the market overall however some decent volatility throughout the session particularly at 11.30am where a big portfolio unwind happened – looked like a computer hitting stocks hard and causing the market to drop around -20pts in the few minutes. We sighted an overseas seller putting pressure... Show More


5 potential short-squeezes going into the end of financial year

James Gerrish

Coming into the end of the financial year, it's time to look for stocks heavily shorted by traders and hedge funds. Hedge funds often like to lock in profits before the EOFY creates “pops” in the respective companies, and / or simply “clean up” their positions. Show More


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What Mattered Today; Santos - whats it worth now?

James Gerrish

The index was choppy early, edging higher in the first hour before heading lower from at around 11am onwards which coincided with Santos resuming trade after snubbing the harbour bid. It was the real estate names that supported the market once again today with 7 of the top 8 performers... Show More


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$10 = blue swimmer $20 = lobster $50 = pineapple $100 = avocado (it used to be a grey nurse before the new notes)

On Telstra – Trap or Treasure? -

Hi Graeme - Better to look at points in our view - in rough terms wave 1 = 400pts, wave 3 which should be biggest = 700pts and wave 5 should be similar to wave 1 (give or take) - assume 400pts from about 1100 = 1500. We don't get too hung up on exacts - more areas / zones.

On Why is a correction looming? -