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James is a Portfolio Manager within Shaw and Partners heading up a team that manages direct equity and option portfolios. He is also the Primary Contributor to Market Matters, a daily investment report that offers real market insight.


What Mattered Today; Banks find a bid

James Gerrish

The bourse performed well on a slow news day today, as banks and miners lead the index higher. Banks, in particular the regionals in Bendigo and Bank of QLD, were shown a bit of respite from investors with the big four also finishing higher. ANZ announced a range of impacts... Show More


What Mattered Today; BHP's quarterly production numbers - just okay

James Gerrish

The resource stocks were very strong today after big moves in underlying commodity prices overnight put the fire in the belly of buyers, particularly targeting Nickel stocks Western Areas (WSA) and Independence Group (IGO) which both added more than 7%, while the large caps in BHP and RIO roared around... Show More


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What Mattered Today; BOQ hit with higher funding costs

James Gerrish

A very weak session for local stocks even though the index finished flat with early optimism sold into fairly aggressively, particularly on the close despite US Futures trading higher / S&P pointing to a rise of 0.5% in the US tonight. The domestic trading desks we deal with are all... Show More


What Mattered Today; Seller's win a second straight day

James Gerrish

A very choppy day, particularly in early trade by the ASX with the market sold on open only to rally +35points in short order before dropping the (exact) same amount with the futures hitting a low of 5777 twice. A gradual grind higher followed with the market eventually finishing down... Show More


What Mattered Today; GMA upgraded

James Gerrish

Anyone expecting a quiet session today was promptly proven wrong – with US futures copping some early selling which dragged out market down with it - any attempt to recover was sold in to resulting in a poor session. Banks were particularly weak, with 3 of the big 4 closing... Show More

ASX:BHP asx:gma

What Mattered Today; Alumina trades into sell range

James Gerrish

Stocks were back in favour today after the ASX opened down (-23pts at the low) but was bid up fairly strongly throughout the session. Initial weakness was overcome early with a ‘bullish’ speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping ignited buying in Asian equities while US Futures quickly put on +300pts... Show More


Key calls on major markets & stocks for the week ahead

James Gerrish

It’s currently very easy to get caught up in the negativity surrounding stocks as a potential Trump-China trade war dominates the press, interestingly something that was not getting any air-time whatsoever 3-months ago nor being touted as a potential ‘threat’ to the market. However let’s stand back and consider what... Show More


What Mattered Today; G8 Education cops some heat

James Gerrish

A bullish day overall despite the market only adding +9pts, it was the strong move up from the daily lows (+34pts) that caught the eye - CBA interesting here and its starting to look reasonable from a technical standpoint as it enters a seasonally strong period (as discussed in the... Show More


What Mattered Today; Understanding the Santos bid

James Gerrish

The market was sold hard early today with the SPI Futures unwinding down around 50pts before buyers really stepped up into the low volume post Easter trade – so although we closed in the red (only just) the market did rally +27points from the daily cash lows with some big... Show More


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What Mattered Today; Shorts target Blue Sky, A2 Milk attracts competition

James Gerrish

+40 up yesterday and -40 down today as we roll into the four day break over Easter from tomorrow afternoon onwards – the longest stretch of the year the market is closed! Stock options expiry today (rare on a Wednesday) so a busy one on the desk while a number... Show More

ASX:A2M asx:bla ASX: A@M

What Mattered Today; Nickel stocks crank up – banks lag

James Gerrish

A better day for stocks with the market higher throughout the session – not to the extent that we saw in the US overnight where the Dow Jones rallied by +669pts plus we’ve seen FUTURES up another +103pts during our session, but a reasonable bounce non-the-less. The banks were the... Show More


What Mattered Today; Stocks lower but some buying the dip obvious

James Gerrish

A positive move for US Futures during our time zone helped to support our market today with the S&P up 0.81% (+21pts) at time of writing. The ASX obviously opened lower – hit hard after the US market was sold heavily on Friday however buyers stepped in early, the mkt... Show More


What Mattered Today; Resources help a choppy session

James Gerrish

There was some aggressive selling early in the local futures market which saw the ASX 200 hit by ~40-points / 0.7% early in the morning which surprised us considering the strong lead from resources overseas. It felt like overseas selling given it lasted 45-minutes before it vanished, worth watching out... Show More


What Mattered Today; Myer & Mortgage Choice - hard stocks to like...

James Gerrish

A rise in the Oil price overnight helped to support that sector today with Santos and Oil Search both up more than 1% while Woodside edged +0.35% higher. BHP opened with a bang however sellers came in and pushed the stock lower throughout the session – sell strength still clearly... Show More


What Mattered Today; TPG & Kathmandu in focus

James Gerrish

The market sold off early on the back of the Tech led sell off in the States overnight that saw American indices down around ~1.5% thanks to reports of a data leak within Facebook (OMG!!) + there were a few other factors at play that we wrote about this morning,... Show More


What Mattered Today; Banks under the pump

James Gerrish

Financial stocks were the cause of pretty much all of the pain on the ASX today with the banking enquiry focussing on CBA – some extraordinary headlines making their way into the press which was also the case yesterday when NAB was in the hot seat – the BIG 4... Show More


What Mattered Today; Thanks Bill! More Super uncertainty.

James Gerrish

It looked like a combination of factors conspired against the Aussie market today with Bill Shorten’ s grab on cash franking credits announced this morning, the start of the Banking Royal Commission with NAB under the spotlight first up and another day that saw some big lines go through on... Show More

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What Mattered Today; Newcrest Mining battered

James Gerrish

The start of the trading week promised so much with a very strong overseas lead and continued support throughout Asia + buying in US Futures (+0.36%) during our session, however the ASX failed to live up to expectations with what looked to be Futures led selling throughout the day ahead... Show More


What Mattered Today; Banks Seasonality working to offset Materials & Energy

James Gerrish

It feels like we’ve been writing about Trump / trade wars & tariffs all week with market movements based on the rhetoric coming out of Washington. By weeks end though, markets had settled and all sectors on the Australian bourse (except energy) actually closed higher with the ASX 200 putting... Show More


What Mattered Today; Trump loses economic guru – stocks drop 1%

James Gerrish

Yesterday afternoon we wrote…What Trump Slump? Markets regain their mojo – however the red across the tape today clearly shows that said mojo has come and gone pretty quickly. All was looking reasonable for a good day today, futures were slightly higher, a major broker has upgraded CBA and a... Show More


Hi Graeme - Better to look at points in our view - in rough terms wave 1 = 400pts, wave 3 which should be biggest = 700pts and wave 5 should be similar to wave 1 (give or take) - assume 400pts from about 1100 = 1500. We don't get too hung up on exacts - more areas / zones.

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