Franking credits: storm in a teacup?

James Gerrish

While I'm yet to observe a popular way for governments to tax the masses, Labor's proposals on franking credits has focussed the attention of one very local and agitated demographic in particular: wealthy retirees with the time and inclination to rile the boffins that have suggested such an impost. Show More

Three cracking results

James Gerrish

An impressive performance from the local market yesterday after some very poor leads from the previous day. The index rallied strongly from the early morning low of -47pts / -0.74% before the banks and some recovery from the hard hit resources saw the index close less than a point lower.... Show More

Not so Amaysim

James Gerrish

Amaysim shares were down heavily on Tuesday as ACCC attacked Amaysim’s energy brand Click Energy for false and misleading advertising practices. The regulator pointed to marketing material from Click between last October to April of this year showing discounts of between 7 and 29 percent where the ‘base rate’ used... Show More

$10 = blue swimmer $20 = lobster $50 = pineapple $100 = avocado (it used to be a grey nurse before the new notes)

On Telstra – Trap or Treasure? -

Hi Graeme - Better to look at points in our view - in rough terms wave 1 = 400pts, wave 3 which should be biggest = 700pts and wave 5 should be similar to wave 1 (give or take) - assume 400pts from about 1100 = 1500. We don't get too hung up on exacts - more areas / zones.

On Why is a correction looming? -