Asset Allocation
Jay Kumar

In this month’s Cross Asset Review produced by Foresight Analytics, we look at the outperformance of domestic assets despite losses in global equity markets and rising uncertainty around the global economic outlook. Gold, bond assets and bond proxies (AREIT/GREIT) also outperformed as investors sought exposure to safety assets. A weaker AUD relative to the... Show More

Jay Kumar

Key insights Global emerging markets have provided very strong returns for long term investors. However, investors have to be prepared to accept higher volatility over shorter periods of 3 years and less. Significant performance dispersions across regions, countries, sectors and styles factors provide substantial opportunities for active managers. Smart-beta or factor strategies have delivered... Show More

Investment Theme
Jay Kumar

Investor risk-on behaviour that was clearly on display in the first quarter 2019 continued in April. Risk assets performed strongly across the board, particularly in AUD terms. Weaker AUD boosted returns for investors with offshore unhedged investments. Many risk assets have now recovered the losses incurred during the fourth quarter... Show More

Hi Sean, thanks for your piece however do you mind clarifying the series coloured in red. Both red and grey series appear to be correlation series??? Also, using the unhedged global equity index returns will cause correlation to be higher anyway???

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