Jeff Thomson

Jeff is a Global Portfolio Manager of Alphinity Investment Management, with over 20 years industry experience. His focus is on the Banks, Insurance, Property and Consumer Staple sectors, as well as portfolio management oversight.


What the collapse of Spain’s sixth largest bank means for the sector and why we should all be watching

Jeff Thomson

Spanish banks have until recently been an attractive way for investors to play regional economic recovery and rate normalisation. The real estate market in Spain is in recovery mode and prices remain significantly below pre-crisis peak levels (unlike many other countries, including Australia). Domestic Spanish banks generally remain highly leveraged... Show More

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Australia isn't the only country with a housing problem

Jeff Thomson

U.S. banks have recently rallied strongly and it’s worth considering if European banks can follow given relatively attractive valuations and an improving outlook. In this context I recently travelled to meet the senior management from all the major listed banks in the Nordic region. The trip increased my conviction around... Show More

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