Joe Magyer

At Lakehouse Capital we're always on the lookout for industry leaders that are gaining share of growing markets. We backed two more recently and discussed the investment cases for them in our latest investor letter. Audinate, a clear market leader Audinate provides digital networking hardware and software to the professional audio-visual (AV)... Show More

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What are the attributes that make for a genuine blue-chip company? For Joe Magyer at Lakehouse Capital he’s on the hunt for stocks with really high levels of recurring revenue, pricing power, gaining share in growing markets and high customer retention rates. “In my experience if a company doesn’t publish its... Show More

Joe Magyer

Digging into a fresh stock idea is fun. Maybe too fun. The thrill of working a new opportunity can distract us from remembering that it’s sound, repeatable process that wins over the the long run, and not hitting it big with a single investment. Show More