John Abernethy

In attempting to forecast the short term outlook for Australian equities in 2019, I do so with some trepidation. I have always suggested, and I think it has now become a broadly accepted principle, that it is far easier to forecast the performance of asset markets over a longer period... Show More

Thank you to everybody who have written following my article and thank you Livewire for publishing it. I note some of the comments question my view of the affect on the vote in Wentworth of Dr Phelps franking and superannuation policy. That's interesting and of course it is all conjecture. However, the fact remains that 11% of the vote shifted from the left to the middle in a bi-election dominated by a anti government vote. So these votes either shifted due to some policy announcements or as some replies noted - the electorate is simply protesting against the major political parties. It seems that a whole range of issues had an affect.

On Bad news for Labor's franking credit policy -