Jonas Palmqvist

Jonas is a Global Portfolio Manager of Alphinity Investment Management, and has over 20 years industry experience. His focus is on the health care, industrials, energy and resource sectors, as well as portfolio management oversight.


Can't find your style? Knowing what you don't know.

Jonas Palmqvist

Will a ‘growth’ or ‘value’ regime dominate in equity markets from here? After ten years of ‘growth’ leadership, the debate around style timing is intense. Following the financial crisis, ‘growth’ stocks have clearly been a better option than ‘value’ stocks. The main explanations offered for this is lacklustre global economic... Show More

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On the Road with Alphinity - US Health Care

Jonas Palmqvist

I recently travelled to the US for a closer look at global health care companies. The trip was timely - the investment decision in the sector became increasingly contentious during 2016, driven by the US political debate as well as some weakening fundamental trends in the stocks. I came away... Show More

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