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True I did not talk about Amazon's Canada performance, but this is in part because Amazon Canada is slowly ramping up over time and is not fully available to the point that the US and UK ones are. I would also not say that while true, Amazon has not taken over Canada like it has in other places, this is in large part to the Canadian retailers adapting and learning from the failures of companies in the US. Australian retailers have shown in the past or though recent interviews that they are not afraid of Amazon and don't see them as a major threat, unlike Canadian retailers who pulled out all the stops in order to survive. Retailers here in Australia can do well, but they must be ready to make changes. This wire by Roger Montgomery talks well about this using Best Buy in the US as an example of a company who survived. ( While Amazon has paid much less in taxes, it has much to do with the way the US tax system works and how many of their sales are abroad, as well as Amazon having a Net Revenue of about 1/4 that of Walmart, though I agree that they will most likely be pressured to pay more, especially in the EU. They also pay very low taxes because their actual net income is very very low compared to Walmart, which is why I talked about profitability. As for the shareholders, while I do believe that with many of the recent projects, AMZN could face problems with profitability in the near future, their stock performance over the past 2 years has given no signals of slowing down and look to continue their strong upward trend.

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