Josh Kitchen

Josh was one of the original staff members of K2 when the firm began operations in 1999. Since joining the firm Josh has had responsibility for managing the dealing operations of the firm and now didicates his time managing a portion of the...


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Axsesstoday: Outstanding value among peer group

Josh Kitchen

Axsesstoday provides finance solutions to the rapidly expanding small business lending market. Founded in 2012, the company’s loan book has grown exponentially to over $300m today. Currently, AXL is trading on a 1 yr forward PE of 12.0x with EPS CAGR of over 20% p.a. in the foreseeable future. In... Show More


Result of the week: Villa World

Josh Kitchen

Villa World continues to build on strong foundations, delivering a solid result and a 6% upgrade to full year earnings guidance. It is developing an enviable reputation of under-promising and over-delivering with FY17 set to deliver another record. Since 2014, EPS has grown at a compound rate of nearly 15%... Show More

February 2017 Reporting Season ASX: VLW

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