Thanks Michael an informative piece. There is a lot of gleeful speculation from the media predicting (if not willing) a rout in the housing market. Outside of the click bait headlines there is no primary evidence that confirms this thesis (that I have seen) and the economy is still rather robust across a number of measures some of which you highlighted. Hikmat makes a valid point about household debt levels and the impact of rising interest rates (which is worrying long-term) and why the RBA is caught in a vice and will not be able to raise rates anytime soon. Property, like any other market ebbs and flows and given the stellar growth in recent years it is not surprising some cities that ran hot are off the boil. Give it a year or two and I believe the bearish headlines will return to hibernation once more.

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I like your debut wire Lawrence, some very relevant advice to investors who enjoy picking stocks and have an interest in managing their own portfolio.

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