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One of the most fundamental principles of capitalism tells us that large am ounts of competition drives down returns. Investing is no different. Justin Koonin, Investment Analyst at Allan Gray, explains why they prefer a contrarian approach. "You're in a segment of the market which is not as competitive as others.... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

The list of problems facing Telstra is well known: falling revenues as the NBN rolls out, and declining market share in mobile. As the payments from the NBN begin to roll-off, some have questioned whether Telstra can even maintain its reduced dividend. But it’s precisely this negativity that caught the... Show More

Justin Koonin

QBE Insurance Group Limited (QBE) is a large and complicated entity. In fact, the scope of the business and the nature of insurance make it quite hard to understand the business completely. This uncertainty creates buying opportunities, and as Graph 1 shows, the stock has been a large beneficiary of... Show More

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