Ken Liow

Ken advises institutional investors, is a Board member of the AASB and Director at selected Not-For-Profits. Previously, he was Head of Investment Research at Mercer and Chief Investment Officer of Domestic Equities at BlackRock.


Should fundies pay clients for underperformance?

Ken Liow

Should fund managers place even more of their skin in the game? A respected, global, asset consultant believes so. Whilst there is some merit in this idea, it could make things worse. Maybe asset owners and their advisors might lead the way? Show More


How a trade war could benefit China

Ken Liow

The prospect of a trade war has become more significant again. While China may fare worse than the US in this scenario, there are some broader implications that could enhance China's power on the global stage, not least via the One Belt One Road initiative. Here I discuss this and... Show More

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