The iron ore spot price is at $47.08 and three in every four tonnes of iron ore produced globally is now at / near loss making. In today’s AFR the front page headline reads “Iron ore price war rocks Atlas” and through our morning meeting we discussed which high cost... Show More

Crown Resorts Limited have announced the launch of the of their subordinated notes II offering, proposed code (ASX:CWNHB) They are seeking to raise 400M with the ability to raise more. The issue price is A$100.00 per security The Margin will be determined via a bookbuild and is expected to be in the... Show More

Will we see a Christmas rally? Cyclical sectors like mining, energy and retail have sustained heavy losses over the past few weeks while more defensive sectors like telecommunications, utilities, financials and some health cares have fared much better. I'm expecting domestic equities to rally into the back end of this year and... Show More

REA Group (REA) - FY14 Report 08/08 Key Dates: FY14 Result: August 8th Why I like it: While SHAW does not officially cover REA I'm looking for a positive report on 08/08. REA has recently acquired 17.22% of iProperty Group (IPP) from Seloger for $106.3m, funded from existing cash holdings. This transaction is the... Show More

Shares in Cochlear Limited (COH) have jumped 5.5% After their FY Report While SHAW does not officially cover Cochlear (COH) consensus figures suggest that the market was looking for SALES 809m , EPS $1.81, DPS 2.54, EBIT 168m, NPAT 103m. While NPAT was down 29% for COH their sales revenue was up... Show More

Resmed Inc (RMD) applies for coding for flow-generator platform. Appears poised to launch Airsense 10 and is due to announce its 4Q14 results tomorrow. History suggests that new product platforms are a significant driver of revenue and earnings growth. Our analysis indicates that the market is likely to re-rate RMD's PE multiple... Show More

Revenue for the 4Q was 415.2M, FLAT compared to June 30/13 Q. EPS for the 4Q was $0.61, a 22% increase from the June 30/13 Q. Operating profit for the 4Q was $98.5 million, cash flow from operations - $115.6 million. 4Q results lower than anticipated, due to softer sales in the states, partially offset by growth in international markets. Good to see that they are gaining traction with AirFit platform and the launch of Astral platform looks OK. Flat result on a bad day in the market. Should see a re-rate upon launch of Airsense 10

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They had a big product redemption on the 27th of June of $173m US, their FUM grew from May to June which is a good sign of inflows & performance. Stock may cum upgrade for 2015+ earnings. Report on 19/08 Stock is likely cum-upgrade for 2015+ earnings. Result on 19/08

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