As at last Friday, the S&P/ASX Resources Index (XSR) had recorded 7 consecutive weekly gains providing a 7-week return of just over 17%. Since 1994, weekly winning streaks of this length are unusual, having been previously observed on only 9 independent occasions (down week followed by 7 up weeks). Show More

Since 2002, Washington H. Soul Pattinson has delivered total shareholder return of ~490%. That’s more than double the All Ords Accumulation Index and this year marks the 17th straight year of increased dividends. The firm is known for taking a truly long-term view and making counter-cyclical investments. Show More

Reports that the Chinese Government is considering a ban on internal combustion engines, and a move to EVs, has seen moves in companies across the supply chain, from EV manufacturers like Tesla and BYD, to lithium ion battery producers, and down to current and near-term producers of the critical commodities... Show More

Peter O’Connor, Senior Resource Analyst from Shaw & Partners joined James Gerrish, Market Matters / Shaw and Partners, recently to cover a number of topics including his target for BHP: which is the most bullish on the street. Read on for a transcript of his case for the Big Australian... Show More

Six weeks ago, some of the brightest investment minds in the market presented their best stock idea to the Livewire Live audience. In the short period since, they are 3% ahead of the market. Read on for stock ideas from Chris Prunty, Tim Samway, Roger Montgomery, Andrew Mitchell and Oscar... Show More

Technology businesses are limited to a certain extent by the size of the Australian population. For technology to get real traction and subsequent investment there need to be more examples of Australian technology businesses making a global impression. Freelancer is an example of a business breaking some ground on this front.

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I think it is the start but it is going to be a long slow process. Reaction on the market suggests businesses, investors and consumers are welcoming the removal of intervention.

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