Fund Manager Q&A

"As soon as you start to get comfortable in a particular stock or company, we're generally selling and finding the next uncomfortable thing to own." That’s the contrarian nature that exists at Allan Gray and is reinforced by their fund managers. In the latest instalment of our Fund Manager Q&A,... Show More

Expert Insights

You rarely hear value investors espousing small-cap biotech stocks, given their typically binary outcomes make the risk profile totally unsuitable. However, what we learned in this recent interview was that the stock discussed does not have the usual biotech risk profile. When we spoke with Michael Goldberg, Managing Director at Collins... Show More


WiseTech, Appen, Afterpay, Altium and Xero (WAAAX) are up just over five-fold over the last two years, pushing the aggregate market cap to over $28 billion. Some of the valuation metrics are now laughable. However... the same thing was also true two years ago before this rally commenced. So where... Show More

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Five years of price consolidation, a possible bottoming of the housing market, and the unexpected return of the coalition government have mitigated some of the key risks for Australia’s big banks. But has the situation improved enough for the banks to be included in a defensive equity portfolio? Aaron Binsted... Show More

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Fixed-income investors currently find themselves in a low-yield world and it looks like this will be the case for some time. Given this environment, it will be important for investors to seek income from safe, defensive assets. For Jay Sivapalan at Janus Henderson Investors, this means good-quality, investment-grade companies.And in... Show More