Also worth reading the company's response in this announcement to the ASX:

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Thanks Michael. Yes, the Conference Board publish leading economic indicators for several countries, including Australia. You can see them at : Regards, Marcus

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It’s a fair question about Jumbo’s economic moat. Whilst it’s true that the lion’s share of JIN’s revenue is Tabcorp-related lotteries business, it appears to be reasonably secure. In May 2017, JIN expanded its decade-long commercial relationship with Tatts Group, with an extension and expansion of its existing lottery reseller agreements. All current reseller agreements (NSW, Victoria, SA, NT and Fiji) have been extended for five years and then continue on a 12-month rolling basis beyond 2022. The relationship was further strengthened by Tatts subscribing for a substantial shareholding in JIN. Tabcorp is currently the second-largest shareholder in JIN (12.64%), which should encourage strong alignment of long-term interests. The former COO of Tatts is now the MD of Lotteries & Keno for Tabcorp, where JIN had a close relationship with the previous Tatts executives. A competitor, Lottoland, which offers derivative-style products on lottery outcomes, was recently banned from offering any products on the outcomes of Australian lotteries, further strengthening JIN’s competitive position. A small but fast-growing part of JIN’s business is Charity Lottery sales, which represents a key growth area away from traditional lottery offerings. Regards, Marcus

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